Issues We Face

  • Unawareness about the process
  • Manual
  • Excessive
  • Paper based
  • False
Get digitally verified with Checkfirst

About Checkfirst

“Citizen must proactively reach out to the police to help improve safety and security of themselves and their loved ones, thus reducing crime. We believe that, technology can be an enabler with easy and non-intrusive manner to help any Citizen record, report and receive update related to Police verification service. Similarly, Police department will have an intuitive interface to access, assess and assimilate any recorded Citizen's verification request.
Checkfirst is a platform for enabling online police verification process. Citizens can use their mobile phones to record, report, and submit verification related information. Notifications and updates will be received along with Police verified digital certificate for the submitted request. Some of the popular requests not limited to hiring of domestic worker, New tenants, Passport verification and recruitment of staff.”


Confidence in safety &

Easy To Approach Police

Improvement in public police partnership

Ease of investigation